Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Activity Report

Thus far there has been a lot of activity in the NHL behind the scenes. We will start with the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs are said to be hard after witt but Washington rejected the first offer which was Berg and a fourth round pick (no wonder).

Nashville and Toronto have been talking about Walked but Nashville wants Stajan in return and that won't happen, Toronto is trying to pawn Antropov and a pick off on Nashville. The Calgary Flames are also said to be interested in Scott Walker....possibly offering Chuck Kobasew.

Brian Burke wants far too much for Carney and the Leafs have seised talks as a result.

Edmonton is still going after Bertuzzi but Vancouver wants a lot in return like a Smyth and Smith combo.

The Rangers still have Tom Poti and there are many teams interested in him, toronto sent out a feeler but hasn't pursued as of yet.

The Habs want Chicago's Eric Daze, Daze is still injured but would still be expensive.

The Penguines have put Gonchar on the market and JFJ is said to be looking for a puck moving defenseman like Leetch...talks have not been confirmed though.

Lang wants out of Detroit and many teams are interested.

The capitals are still shopping Witt and Semin and Witt is being said to be going anywhere, but has been recently rumoured to Edmonton.

Buffalo is shopping Noronen and Biron and it is just a matter of time before one of them goes to Atlanta but if that doesn't happen look for Atlanta to pick up Felkix Potvin. If they do get a goalie either Dunham goes the other way in the trade or he is waived.

Hal Gill seems to be safe in Beentown but this could change as the Bruins are no longer going after Poti.

The talks between Toronto and Ottawa are in fact about defenceman Chris Phillips. But an in-division trade is highly unlikely.

The Coyotes were rumoured in many trades and I dont think that they are done afetr picking up Lundmark...look for them to continue talks.

Ray Bourque also ahs been rumoured as possibly coming back to the Bruins as an assistant coach.

This has been a complete NHL update from

~The Prof


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