Thursday, October 13, 2005

The 'New' NHL

You may be asking why there are so many rumours around the NHL right now and that is because the "new" NHL is starting to let the GM's notice some things such as who on their team is going to be able to last the season at the pace of hockey that is being exhibited, as well as Salary Cap problems...

This poses a problem for people like me who give out the information as there are a lot of trades that get held up or dropped because the teams can't make the money work. Right now teams are trying to find an identity for themselves and as a result a lot of teams are shopping to get rid of the players who don't fit that bill and get players who do.

The only thing i know is that the 'new' NHL is exciting to watch, but it is almost as exciting off the ice as well with all of these deals being talked about....


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