Thursday, October 27, 2005

Steve Shields

Shields has been released and is said to be signing an NHL contract wiht the Atlanta Thrashers this morning....this has been confirmed. With Dunham coming back very soon and Shields arriving the prognoses on Lehtonen may be worse than previously thought.

The Chicago Blackhawks are in need of scoring help. It has been said that they have called Anaheim and inquired about Fedorov, but the Blackhawks are at over 35 million so have no cap space so for this to happen look for serious movement the other way. The talks of Daze going to Montreal have been stopped as Daze's status has been change to indefinite.

The Leafs are now being said to be offering Coliacovo and a 2nd round pick for Witt and are said to be close to reaching a deal.

The Pittsburgh Penguines have talked to like all other 29 teams about a possible trade. There were 9 scouts from other teams at the Pittsburgh game and they were said to be very interested in Sergei Gonchar. Toronto did not have a scout in attendence. They are being said to be going after Niinima for their need for an offensive defenseman. New York is being said to want Antropov from Toronto or another power forward.

Check back soon for updates!

~The Prof


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