Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Primeau Packing His Bags?

It has been rumoured that Primeau is retiring, that information is false. Primeau will not be retiring, but the question is when he comes back will he be in the orange and black? The San Jose Sharks and Columbus Blue Jackets are said to be interested. The Blue Jackets' Nikolai Zherdev has found himself in many of these trade rumours and for all intents and purposes it appears that he is being shopped.

The Leafs seem to be after Janne Niinima, and are said to be offering Jason Allison, strictly a 1 for 1. The Leafs are also said to still be in the Witt sweepstakes but as one source close to the Caps put it, "he won't be traded to an Eastern Conference team if they can help it."

The Hawks are said to be looking for takers of Khabibulin. The 'Bulin Wall' has had quite a few cracks in it thus far and as a result it appears that his monster contract seems to be too big for the hawks...Phoenix is said to be the only team interested in Khabibulin and they are shopping Mike Comrie. Don't lok for Khabibulin or Comrie to go anywhere anytime soon.

There is speculation that the Leafs are going after Tom Poti, but this is false information.

The Oilers have been in talks with the Ducks about Petr Sykora...Federov seems to be too expensive for a lot of teams.

The Rangers ahve been in intense talks all weekend with the Blues over Barrett Jackman. The Rangers want Brewer, but for what they are offering they will only be able to get Jackman.

The latest rumour out of Leaf land would see Palffy come to Toronto for Allison and Colaiacovo...this is very unlikely and is not yet confirmed.

As always, check back for details

~The Prof


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