Monday, October 31, 2005

Owen Nolan

Nolan is being chased still primarily by four teams, the Coyotes, the Oilers, the Flames and the Sharks...a source close to the sharks organizatiopn told me today that Owen has contacted a couple players on San Jose and inquired about the team, something that players do when they are considering going somewhere...Nolan does still ahve a big house and a farm in the San Jose area. Check back soon as Nolan is close to signing wiht any one of those teams.

~The Prof

Friday, October 28, 2005

Fedorov and other juicy updates

Sergei Fedorov heading to the Oilers? Thats what I have been told. Sources close to the oilers organization have reported that Burke and Lowe have been in discussion for the last couple days. The Ducks want to get younger and are said to be interested in Hemsky and Jaret Stoll.

The New York Rangers are shopping Kevin Weekes. He has become expendable as Lundqvist has been nothing short of spectacular thus far. Look for Kevin to end up in St. Louis.

Mike Comrie is apparently on the market and has created interest form many teams. The Chicago Blackhawks are said to be the frunt runners, and need the offensive help as bad as anyone out there.

Toronto is close to a deal with the New York Islanders that would send Janne Niinima to Toronto. A source close the Toronto told me this evening that the talk have become very heavy, and Milbury is said to be looking for a power forward to compliment their small offense. Nik Antropov would fill that bill and has been on the market since the Bertuzzi talks in the summer.

Look for Toront to make a move by the end of next week on either this front or with the Capitals for Witt, it seems as though the talks with the Blues have stalled. Check back soon for updates....

~The Prof

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stev Shields

As officially reported by me Steve Shields gas officially signed witht he Atlanta Thrashers!

~The Prof

Steve Shields

Shields has been released and is said to be signing an NHL contract wiht the Atlanta Thrashers this morning....this has been confirmed. With Dunham coming back very soon and Shields arriving the prognoses on Lehtonen may be worse than previously thought.

The Chicago Blackhawks are in need of scoring help. It has been said that they have called Anaheim and inquired about Fedorov, but the Blackhawks are at over 35 million so have no cap space so for this to happen look for serious movement the other way. The talks of Daze going to Montreal have been stopped as Daze's status has been change to indefinite.

The Leafs are now being said to be offering Coliacovo and a 2nd round pick for Witt and are said to be close to reaching a deal.

The Pittsburgh Penguines have talked to like all other 29 teams about a possible trade. There were 9 scouts from other teams at the Pittsburgh game and they were said to be very interested in Sergei Gonchar. Toronto did not have a scout in attendence. They are being said to be going after Niinima for their need for an offensive defenseman. New York is being said to want Antropov from Toronto or another power forward.

Check back soon for updates!

~The Prof

Monday, October 24, 2005

Owen Nolan Update

An unnamed Calgary Flames player has said that Owen Nolan and Calgary Flames head coach Brian Sutter have been talking for a long time now. It is being said that Sutter like Nolan back when he coached and Nolan played for the San Jose Sharks. Don't be surprised to see Nolan in a flames or Coyotes jersey real soon as talks with Phoenix progress.

~The prof

Minnesota and Ottawa Talks

It has been reported that Ottawa and Minnesota are talking a trade with Havlat and Gaborik switching teams. I have been informed however that the tlaks have broken off and Havlat could become a member of the Edmonton Oilers. Check back for details!

~The prof

Friday, October 21, 2005

Felix Potvin

It has been confirmed that the atlanta Thrashers have offered a contract to Felix Potvin. The honace is on Potvin to accept it. If Potvin doesn't accept the deal then Steve Shields is the man. Shields showed flashes of brilliance in san Jose but has never really broken out onto the scene. Atlanta does not trust Shields at all and would desperately like to fill the spot with Felix.

~The Prof

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Todays Juicy Updates

The question every Leaf fans ask: What are the Leafs doing?

Toronto is now in talks with St. Louis. The Blues have been openly shopping Barret Jackman and Eric Brewer after lacluster starts by the two. Toronto has made Aki Barg, Nik Antropov, Alexei Ponikarovski and Carlo Coliacovo. Jackman is said to be mroe in the Leafs plans than Brewer. The Capitals and Leafs have not stopped the trade talks but it has become apparent that Witt is being seeked by many teams and Burke wants way too much for Carny so Toronto has moved on to plan C.

Nashvile has called oiff the Walker trade talks with Toronto as the Leafs do not want to part with Stajan and that is all Nashville desires from the Leafs.

Owen Nolan is still said to be signing with the Nashville Predators, but now with the retirement of Brett Hull Owen has been contacted by the Coyotes. Look for Nolan to go to one of these places soon.

Mike Milbury has only a limited amount of time left to turn the Islander ship around or he will be on his way out.

The Oilers have a lot on the table. They would like to address two needs. One is their goaltending and the other is more skill up front. They have been in talks with the Buffalo Sabres for both Noronen and Biron so look for one of them to go to the West soon. They have also been in contact with Vancouver for Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi has been shopped since the summer.

The Rangers have wanted to get Laraque from the Oilers for awhile now but Lowe is concerned that he would not have any tough guys left if Laraque were dealt.

Atlanta has now started looking in other directions for goaltending help. The Coyotes have been shopping Boucher and they may have found a buyer in Atlanta.

Big news out of Vancouver is Eddy Jovanovski is being shopped and may be on his way back to sunrise. Vancouver has openly expressed interest in Jay Boumeester and Mike Keanen has been known to favour older, established players. Boumeester could be on his way to Canada.

Poor Oleg Kvasha is still on the block and like before Calgary has sent out a feeler but don't look for too much to happen there. Check back soon for more details

~The Prof

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New information

I have just recieved an e-mail from Eklund

He said that the Boston Bruins may be close to Witt...the signing of Nick Boynton may have been just so that they can ship him. Check back soon for more details...

~ The Prof

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Activity Report

Thus far there has been a lot of activity in the NHL behind the scenes. We will start with the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs are said to be hard after witt but Washington rejected the first offer which was Berg and a fourth round pick (no wonder).

Nashville and Toronto have been talking about Walked but Nashville wants Stajan in return and that won't happen, Toronto is trying to pawn Antropov and a pick off on Nashville. The Calgary Flames are also said to be interested in Scott Walker....possibly offering Chuck Kobasew.

Brian Burke wants far too much for Carney and the Leafs have seised talks as a result.

Edmonton is still going after Bertuzzi but Vancouver wants a lot in return like a Smyth and Smith combo.

The Rangers still have Tom Poti and there are many teams interested in him, toronto sent out a feeler but hasn't pursued as of yet.

The Habs want Chicago's Eric Daze, Daze is still injured but would still be expensive.

The Penguines have put Gonchar on the market and JFJ is said to be looking for a puck moving defenseman like Leetch...talks have not been confirmed though.

Lang wants out of Detroit and many teams are interested.

The capitals are still shopping Witt and Semin and Witt is being said to be going anywhere, but has been recently rumoured to Edmonton.

Buffalo is shopping Noronen and Biron and it is just a matter of time before one of them goes to Atlanta but if that doesn't happen look for Atlanta to pick up Felkix Potvin. If they do get a goalie either Dunham goes the other way in the trade or he is waived.

Hal Gill seems to be safe in Beentown but this could change as the Bruins are no longer going after Poti.

The talks between Toronto and Ottawa are in fact about defenceman Chris Phillips. But an in-division trade is highly unlikely.

The Coyotes were rumoured in many trades and I dont think that they are done afetr picking up Lundmark...look for them to continue talks.

Ray Bourque also ahs been rumoured as possibly coming back to the Bruins as an assistant coach.

This has been a complete NHL update from

~The Prof

Lundmark Dealt to Coyotes

Jaymie Lundmark has been dealt from the New York Rangers to the Phoenix Coyotes for Jeff Taffe. Look for Tom Poti to be on his way out as well very soon...still no news on the Leaf front but it is sure to heat up later in the week...check back soon.

~The Prof

Monday, October 17, 2005

Bertuzzi is being shopped

oilers are said to be in contact with the Vancouver Canucks...they are trying to get Bertuzzi from them. A scout on the Canucks has been quoted as saying "Bertuzzi is just a third line guy getting over-payed" he looks to be on his way outta vancouver. Details to follow...

~The Prof

Torotno rumour update

The Senators and Leafs are talking. This has been confirmed. The Senators are not shopping havlat to the Leafs but possibly are offering Phillips. This is big news as i cannot say I could see them trading a staple of their defence away to the team they may once again meet in the playoffs. check back for details...

~ The Prof

Owen Nolan

It has been confirmed that Nolan is in talks with Nashville. This would be good for Nashville as Nolan is 90% ready for action.

~The Prof

Pens and Caps

The Penguins and the Capitals may be close to completing another trade with each other. The rumour is that the Penguins are wanting to shore up their defense as they have been nothing short of complete garbage thus far in this new NHL and Brendan Witt is on their wish list. It is also being reported that because of the demand for Witt the asking price has gone up and Toronto has pulled out of the sweepstakes...look for the Leafs to go after Carney and Jillson now... Nashville and Toronto are still in talks for Walker...I have no idea why they would want for Walker but apparently there are talks everyday. Check back soon for details.

~The Prof

Columbus's coaching staff on rocky ground?

It is being reported today that the head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets Gerard Gallant and his assistansts Dean Blais and Gord Murphey could be on rocky ground and may be fired if the ship that is the Columbus Blue Jackets is not righted. GM Doug MacLean has emphatically denied these reports. Ckeck back soon and I will keep you updated.

~The Prof

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Biron to Atlanta?

The rumour is that Biron is on his way to Atlanta for Mark Popovic...Atlanta is in desperate need for a goalie as their last starter was # five on their depth chart. Also said to be on the Atlanta wishlist is also ex-Leaf Felix Potvin, but St. Louis and Calgary are also possible destinations for the ex Leaf netminder. Check back soon for the latest details on the possible trade...

~The Prof

Saturday, October 15, 2005

More Leaf Talks

The Toronto Maple Leafs are said to still be after Washington Defensemen Branden Witt. There are also new reports out now that they are after other players as it looks like the Islanders are the front runners in the sweepstakes...The Leafs are also now in talks with the Sabres for Defencemen Jeff Jillson and Ducks defencemen Keith Carney....both may come cheaper than Witt...and believe it or not Scott Walker is still said to be on the way to the Leafs (this rumour won't die and has been confirmed by someone close to the Leaf organization).

New York Rangers...

The Rangers really want to get rid of Jaymie Lundmark and Tom Poti...Poti is said to be going to the Bruins for Hal Gill, and Lundmark is being rumoured to many teams especially the Thrashers and the Capitals....don't be surprised to see these moves made very soon.

Atlanta vs. Toronto

There are many of you out there wondering what was exactly said between JFJ and Bob Hartley during the press conference tonight as apparently with the language that the two used it was unairable. what I ahve heard is that JFJ called Hartley a name that not even my ears can take and believe me my ears are far form virgin. There was a lot of bad blood. Look for 1 suspension possibly more to come out of this, as I would not be surprised to see Hartley get one as well...I will update tomorrow if I hear anything on if there will be a suspoension or the length of it...

~The Prof

Friday, October 14, 2005


The Toronto Maple Leafs and Washngton Capitals have stalled their talks for the itme being after a couple of impressive outings from Aki Berg. Rumour is that they are trying ot get Washington's asking price down. I will keep you posted if anything pops up.

~The Prof

Al Strachan Dropped form the Hot Stove

Al Strachan has been dropped form the CBC's "satellite hot stove" which airs during the second intermission of the first game on Hockey Night In Canada. Strachan was someone who brought an edgy feeling to the group and was generaly not liked by any of the other members. John Garret could always be seen rolling hs eyes when he spoke...sad to see him go? No there are far more people out there qualified to do a way better job than he ever did.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The 'New' NHL

You may be asking why there are so many rumours around the NHL right now and that is because the "new" NHL is starting to let the GM's notice some things such as who on their team is going to be able to last the season at the pace of hockey that is being exhibited, as well as Salary Cap problems...

This poses a problem for people like me who give out the information as there are a lot of trades that get held up or dropped because the teams can't make the money work. Right now teams are trying to find an identity for themselves and as a result a lot of teams are shopping to get rid of the players who don't fit that bill and get players who do.

The only thing i know is that the 'new' NHL is exciting to watch, but it is almost as exciting off the ice as well with all of these deals being talked about....

Atlanta Thrashers and Don Wadell

Word has it that the Atlanta Thrashers are not only shopping for Mika Noronen but Also Martin Biron of the Sabres....Ryan Miller seems to be a number 1 netminder so one of them is now expendable...The Leafs though have pulled out of the possible trade, however there are still many teams interested...the Calgary Flames are one of them with Kipper playing poorly and Phillippe Sauve an unknown backing him up they are looking for some netminding help...more on this to follow

Robert Lang

Robert Lang is on the trade block. The Leafs are said to be in the market for a winger but I dont think they can swallow his 3.8 million dollar salary...with Sundin out they can, but what about when he comes back? There must be substantial movement the other way for this to occur and I dont know of anyone in the Leafs lineup who has that kind of contract to go the other way so don't lok at this trade happening in Toronto, but Detroit likes Semin and it is being said that Lang could be on the way to Washington for him and a pick...wahsington can swallow his contract easily and are in need of a centre to play with Ovechkin and Zubris as friesen isn't gettign it done.

Steve Moore

Colorado has thrown out the steve Moore lawsuit today, this is good news if you are Todd Bertuzzi, Marc Crawford, Dave Nonis, Brian Burke and the Vancouver Canucks. These were the individuals named in the suit...hopefully Steve Moore stops trying to get money and just get back and playing.

It's Official

The Boston Bruins have resigned Defencemen Nick Boynton to a 1 year 1.8 million dollar contract...this means that Toronto and other interested teams must turn to Witt in Washington.

Washington's phone lines are burning up!

The San Jose Sharks, Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs are said to be the big players in the Brendan Witt sweepstake, but what may be the sticky point is the Capitals wanting to get rid of holdout Alexander Semin. Yes Semin is amazing but he is also a royal pain in the ass and is possibly the next Alexei Yashin so teams are not wiling to move on him. Another problem with Semin is the fact that he would come expensive. He is a highly touted rookie that is said to have the flash of Pavel Bure, but a first round pick would be the starting point for this guy…He would be a perfect fit in Toronto and with the lack of depth this year in the draft if you are gong to get him do it now…IMO the draft realy falls off after the top 15, Ryan Kessler will go no. 1 for sure as he is coming in with the same hype as Alexander Ovechkin (this years world juniors will be worth watching to just watch this kid). What is being talked about is this

To Toronto:
3rd round pick

To Washington:
Aki Berg
Carlo Coliacovo
First round pick

Toronto Maple Leaf Rumours

The Toronto Maple Leafs are said to be in deep discussion with the Washington Capitals who have a disgruntled, former captain named Brendan Witt who wants the heck outta Washington. It is said that the Leafs are shopping Berg and a pick, but may also be willing to include a youngster like Carlo Coliacovo in there as well. There are also reports coming out of Nashville that they are shopping Scott Walker and the Leafs are one of the teams said to be interested.

There is also news, I have not had confimation of this thus far, that the Leafs are in the market for a goaltender. I have no idea why but Mikka Noronen is being shopped and was just a signature away from being dealt last week so he may be being discussed in some of John Ferguson Jr.s discussions.

The New York Islanders have called inquiring about Bryan McCabe and are openly shopping Oleg Kvasha so there may be somehting to that but i don't think the Leafs are looking at trading McCabe, eventhough he will be a restricted free agent next summer and want 3.5-4 million (far too much in Toronto's eyes).

On a sad note Jon Ferguson Sr. has to undergo radiation therapy as a result of a brain Tumour so I would like to personally say that I hope he gets better.

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my blog...I plan on covering all of the NHL's biggest and most secret moves. I have two sources on the Toronto Maple Leafs alone who feed me information and as a result i have decided to post the insider information that I am given...check back often for updates on the trades you have and haven't heard of!

~the Prof